Unbraked Trailers


Trailers do not have to be fitted with brakes until the gross weight exceeds 750kg, or if the weight of the trailer and load does not exceed half the weight of the towing vehicle. This has many benefits, the trailer cost is much less and maintenance is greatly reduced.

Most small trailers available are of the camping trailer type and do not stand up to commercial applications.

New on this range is the lockable cast coupling which now has an extended handle making it easy to operate in awkward places often found on quad bike couplings and under door mounted spare wheels.


Widely recognised as one of the strongest and most durable ranges of unbraked trailers on the market. Based on the industrial / commercial range, both the UBT model and the ATV model incorporate folded and profiled steel sides, which are fully welded for maximum strength. The complete chassis and body is hot-dip galvanised.

The ATV model has flotation tyres to give excellent performance both on and off the road and is also deal for towing with ATVs